Coronavirus Info



Covid-19 Risk Mitigation

I am sure people have been made more than aware by the government how to reduce the risk of contracting covid-19.

The club members should be reminded of the following:

  1. Please do not walk if you have any of the symptoms associated with covid-19.
  2. Observe government advice re. car sharing.
  3. Maintain a social distance of 2 metres as far as possible.
  4. Avoid contact with stiles and gates as far as possible.
  5. Always carry antibacterial wipes/ hand gel.
  6. Always clean your hands before eating.
  7. Avoid touching other walker’s equipment.
  8. Please do not share food or eating utensils.
  9. Always carry a face covering. (you never know when you might need one)

Before the start of a walk the Leader must obtain a list of all walkers. These lists must be retained by the club. If a non member is on the walk contact details must be obtained. This is to enable “track and trace” to take place effectively.

Walk Leaders must ensure that they observe government guidance re. the number of walkers.

COVID-19 risk assessment

Group walks – risk assessment Use this risk assessment to help you understand the risks and any steps you need to take to stay safe before leading a group walk. Please complete a copy for every walk and keep this for one year after the date of the walk.

Walk Leader …………………………………………….. Date of walk …………………………………………..

Possible Hazzards Who might be harmed Ways to control the risk Action Taken
Transmission of COVID-19 through close contact / meeting other people Walkers, members of the public - risk of spreading COVID-19 Plan the walk for quiet times of day

Avoid busy or narrow routes where physical distancing is not possible

Ensure the walking group size complies with government guidance / legislation

Remind walkers beforehand about the guidelines, including travel & transport

Advise walkers at the start of the walk to maintain physical distancing, and what to do at any pinch points or road crossings - this is everyone's responsibility

Carry a face covering in case of incidents

Ensure you have a record of who attended the walk, for contact tracing
Transmission of COVID-19 through touching gates, stiles, fences or equipment Walkers, members of the public - risk of spreading COVID-19 Advise walkers to avoid touching gates and path furniture where possible

Advise walkers to use hand sanitiser and sanitised wipes

Advise walkers not to share food, drink or equipment such as walking poles