Current Walks

Grading of walks

To  help  members to decide which walk to go on, our leaders will give descriptions of the walks they plan to lead. These details will appear in the current walks section.

The club has introduced three  gradings  – brisk, long and short. Which are colour coded.

A basic description for each is given below. These descriptions will provide a guideline for you to decide which walk is suitable for you, but please note any walk is subjective – a walk which is considered easy by one person may be classed as strenuous to another, and may depend on your own personal level of fitness and your walking experience.

All walks may have stiles, steps, steep sections and obstacles etc

Colour…… RED  Brisk   walk  A faster paced walk than normal —  Distance 6-8 miles

Colour…..  ORANGE  LONG  walkdistance   6.5 to 10 miles

Colour…..  GREEN  SHORT   walk —- distance   4 to 6 miles.

All walks may include some strenuous sections but these will be mentioned in the walks description.

Grades are provided as a general guide only: if you have any doubt about your ability for a particular walk please contact the leader in advance. You should also consider the distance of the walk, the terrain and the possibility of bad weather, which can make a walk more difficult than planned.  Leaders may refuse to accept participants who in their opinion are inadequately equipped or unfit for the walk.
If there is no pub, café etc on the walk then it will state “bring a picnic” in the walk description.

Walking is a very safe outdoor pastime, but there is always an element of risk. For your own and others’ safety please follow any instructions from walks leaders.